December 07, 2012

The EXPO Experience: Ladd Smith Wants You to Attend the 2013 ASCAP EXPO!

We get a lot of great feedback about the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO every year - check our testimonials page for a nice selection. But a few weeks back, ASCAP member Ladd Smith, an alumnus of our Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop, blew us away with a Facebook post about his EXPO experience. An excerpt:

All you writers & artists are always sending me fb/twitter messages, asking stuff like: "Who do I need to meet?" "What do I do to get to the next level?" "How do I get started?" & "How do I reach the right people?" Well, this was the answer for me. Do yourself, or someone that you really believe in, a big favor and get registered to go to the 2013 ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO; it's here in LA. If you have a dream & you believe in it, invest in it. You're investing in your future. It's like music business/creativity college over the course of several days - but without the student loans...Do it. I know that I'll be attending & probably helping out at any & every ASCAP event I ever have the opportunity to.

We were so taken aback by Ladd's words that we had him stop by and chat with us on camera.

Follow Ladd's advice and register for the EXPO today

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