October 26, 2012

The EXPO Experience: A Song Inspired by the Conference

Each year, the ASCAP EXPO brings together thousands of music creators to network and learn how to enhance their craft. After the EXPO, we hear about many success stories. We also hear a tremendous amount of people say how the conference inspired them. After the 2012 EXPO, we received this note from John McConnell and the song he wrote inspired by attending the event.

"My name is John McConnell (singer/songwriter). I've been writing a new song everyday since December 2007. Although the experience I've gained through writing more than 1,700 songs is rewarding, I've grown to realize the importance of learning the business of music so my songs can go beyond my computer. The 2012 ASCAP EXPO was my very first songwriter's conference. I've always known the importance of networking, but this was so much more. The "I Create Music" EXPO is where I learned how music is selected for film and television. I had an opportunity to sit in front of a panel of Music Supervisors and learn about their expectations when receiving song submissions. I was also able to present a song during a One-on-One session with a prominent Music Supervisor, and receive critiques to empower me going forward. I left the EXPO with more answers than I ever imagined possible. This conference inspired me to write a song that basically says - no matter what you need to know, no matter what step you're on - 'you should go to the EXPO'."

Here is the song John McConnell wrote about the ASCAP EXPO experience:

Learn more about John McConnell at johnmcconnellmusic.com.

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