April 21, 2012

More Inspiration from Brett James, Ryan Tedder, Monica, Heitor Pereira and Lin-Manuel Miranda

All of our bloggers were riveted by Thursday's “We Create Music” panel, moderated by Ron Fair and featuring superstar music creators Brett James, Ryan Tedder, Monica, Heitor Pereira and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Here, blogger Melissa Rapp follows up on our existing coverage of "We Create Music" with some extra takeaway quotes from the panelists:


At the "We Create Music" panel (l-r): Brett James, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Monica, Ryan Tedder, Heitor Pereira

Heitor described his belief that “Music starts when we are being conceived…it runs in our veins.” He went on to say that he loves the U.S. for its “inspiration and support for those who feel they have something to give creatively.”

From Brett: “If something pops into your head—don’t ever count it out. It may sound simple, but sometimes simplicity wins…”

Lin-Manuel agreed, saying “I love Leonard Cohen’s quote ‘Being a songwriter is like being a nun—you’re married to a mystery.’” He said that the process is a mix of inspirations, dominated by “unexpected alleys” that lead to creative success.

Monica emphasized perseverance and faith: “Music lives inside us. A lot of people are told that after 25, you can’t make it. But when you’re in it, be ALL the way in it. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. There is no fast way to the finish line. It’s a long haul.”

Ryan agreed, saying “When you don’t have a Plan B, Plan A has to work.” Tedder remembers how at 25, he was steeped in debt and about to get evicted. “I knew that if I got evicted, that was part of the whole plan.” Ryan added that it’s also important to be realistic: "If you just suck, then find an honest friend to tell you "You suck! [...and then find a Plan B]"

An inspirational panel that ended with a magical guitar/vocal performance from Heitor Pereira. Just beautiful.

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