November 02, 2011

The EXPO Experience: One-on-One Publishing Mentor Jeremy Yohai Signs ASCAP EXPO Attendee to Downtown

We were ecstatic when our good friend Jeremy Yohai at Downtown Music Publishing got in touch to tell us the good news: he'd just finalized a deal with Randi Soyland, the ASCAP EXPO attendee he'd met in a One-on-One Session.  Jeremy let us in on how it went down, and there's some excellent advice included for any aspiring songwriters who are taking a meeting with a publisher.

What did you expect coming into your One-on-One Sessions at the ASCAP EXPO?  Did you think there was a possibility you'd find a song or songwriter for Downtown?

The-EXPO-Experience-Downtown-Music-Publishing-Mentor-Jeremy-Yohai-Signs-His-EXPO-One-on-OneI expected to meet with some new and emerging writers looking for some advice/insight. That being said you never know where you are going to stumble upon talent, so it’s important to try and keep an open mind. It’s really important that emerging songwriters and artists take advantage of programs like the ASCAP’s great opportunity to meet with some people in the industry, and like I said, you never know.

What did Randi play for you, and what did you guys discuss?

She played me a few things that sounded as good as stuff that I hear on a regular basis. I basically told her to send me a few more things, so I could listen when I was back in the office, and we’d see if there was something we could do together. I really give credit to Randi for showing up and being prepared.  I’m sure that Randi didn’t expect to walk away from the One-on-One session with a publisher,  she probably didn’t expect much at all, but she was still prepared and brought her A game.

Randi SoylandWhat was it about Randi that caught your ear and made you pursue signing?

When we talked, she told me that she had been writing for a while and managed to get a few things going on by herself. That’s huge. She wasn’t just waiting around for something to happen, she had been out writing with other writers and trying to get things set up for herself. That makes for a great partnership between writer and publisher. Also, like I said, her music was cool, so if you take that hustle and talent things tend to work out.

How did the process go with signing Randi this year since April?  What were the steps?

She sent me some music to listen to after the first meeting. I pitched the music for a few projects and set her up on a few sessions and all the feedback was great.

So we decided to make it official.  This process gave both of us some time to work together and make sure that it was the right fit on both sides. Something that all writers should do.  Writers shouldn’t just jump into a deal because someone is into their music. They should make sure it’s the right situation for them.

What happens next now that Randi is signed with you guys?

She is sending me music weekly and we are working on creating as many opportunities as possible for her and her songs. Meaning we are pitching for licensing opportunities, setting up writing sessions and pitching her songs for placements with other artists the US and abroad.

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