Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a question regarding your EXPO registration?
Did you not get a confirmation email/letter?
I can't find my EXPO registration number. How can I get it?

Please contact RHQ, the company handling EXPO registrations, at (702) 798-8315 or email If your question is regarding a hotel room, contact RHQ Housing or call (702) 798-8315.

I have faxed (or sent) my application in and haven't received a confirmation. Am I confirmed for the ASCAP EXPO?
Since you didn't use the online registration form to register for the ASCAP EXPO, we may be confirming your registration via regular mail, not email. Paper forms take a few days to be processed. Please contact RHQ, the company handling EXPO registrations, at (702) 798-8315 or email if you haven't received your confirmation letter or email within two weeks of your registration.

Can I register a group of people? Is there a group rate?
Please call (212) 621-6237 regarding registering a group. If your group is over five people, there may be a discounted group rate. Student groups over 10 people will receive additional discounts.

Can I make changes to information I gave you during registration?
To make changes or updates to your registration, you will need your EXPO registration number and the email address that you used to register. Here is the site to log-in and make changes:

EXPO Register


Will the registration fee give me access to all events and workshops or are there additional admission costs?
The registration price is a one-time fee and will grant you access to all events related to the EXPO, including special evening entertainment. Each registration will include access to stream all of the ASCAP EXPO panels after the event. The fee doesn't include a One-on-One Session or Lunch Roundtables. A detailed schedule will be posted online closer to the date of the EXPO.

When does the EXPO start? When does it end?
Official EXPO programming begins on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 in the morning and ends on Saturday evening. There will be panels throughout all three days and a number of events each evening. There will be a special Pre-EXPO Networking Reception on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 at Tinhorn Flats in the evening, right across the street from the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Make your travel plans accordingly if you'd like to be there.

When can I pick up my badge?
Registration and badge pick-up will be available for pickup beginning on the evening of Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 and on Thursday, April 13th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Registration and badge pick-up will also be open during the day on April 14th and 15th.

Is it possible to register for just one day for someone who can't attend the whole event?
The way the EXPO is designed, it is most beneficial for registrants to attend all three days to gain the most from their EXPO experience. Due to this, there are no single day passes at this time.

Will there be an Attendee Showcase?
Yes, there will be an Attendee Showcase. Visit the Attendee Showcase page for details.

Can everyone perform at the EXPO?
There will be an Attendee Showcase, but registering for the EXPO doesn't guarantee you to perform on stage. Only paid EXPO registrants will be eligible to submit to perform at the Attendee Showcase. There are the Feedback Panels which involve recorded songs, not live performances. There are other opportunities to get your music heard beside onsite networking and One-on-One Sessions. All of these various opportunities are open to all attendees and panelists to watch.

For all other questions, contact


Can I still get a One-on-One Session?
There are 500 One-On-One Sessions made available for an additional $30 processing fee. Yes, One-on-One Sessions are still available on a first-come, first-served basis and every year they have sold out!

Can I buy multiple One-on-One Sessions?
No, there is a limit of one Session per person.

I am receiving a One-on-One Session. How do I take advantage of my One-on-One Session? Can I choose exactly who I want to be paired with?
500 One-on-One Sessions are made available for a $30 processing fee each. If you chose to get a One-on-One Session, your confirmation email states this and explains the process for the One-on-One Sessions. Based on the information you give us during registration, we will match you with a professional who will best serve your specific needs. We are unable to honor requests to be paired with a specific person or at a specific time. If you have specific concerns about the timing of your Session, call (212) 621-6237.

I chose not to purchase a One-on-One Session when I registered. Can I get one now?
Yes, One-on-One Sessions are still available via the Registration update site. To add one to your registration, you will need your EXPO registration number and the email address that you used to register. You can log-in to this site and add your One-on-One Session:


For the Feedback submissions, can I submit just lyrics (or just music/beats)?
These particular panels are designed to discuss both finished songs that include both lyrics and music as well as compositions for Film and TV. See the Feedback Panels page for more details.

Can I still submit a song for the Feedback Panels?
The deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2017.

Has my song/composition been selected for the Feedback Panel?
If your song/composition is selected, you will be notified roughly one week prior to the EXPO and the selections will be listed on the EXPO website.


What is Video Access?
Video Access ($99 value) will be included for free with every ASCAP EXPO registration. Video Access means that you won't miss a thing! At most times during the EXPO, there are 5 simultaneous exciting panels. With Video Access, you can which the dozens of hours of panels you missed as well as re-experience a panel you loved and those "only at the ASCAP EXPO" moments. You will get a passcode to view the panels at your leisure from any computer. The videos will be viewable until at least the end of 2017. These streaming videos will be viewable on iPads, iPhones, computers and all other devices. Your personalized Video Access code will also be printed on your EXPO registration badge you get onsite.

Will everything at the EXPO be available?
We always plan to make all of the ASCAP produced primary panels available. Due to clearance issues, some live performance panels/showcases and keynotes might not be available. We have to put this disclaimer, but in previous years 99% of the panels have been made available! The videos will be viewable until at least the end of 2017. Please note that the smaller sponsor demo sessions are not made available

Didn't Video Access cost money in the past?
Yes, but Video Access is now included for free with every ASCAP EXPO registration.


Can I still get in to the Lunch Roundtables?
No. Please note that the Lunch Roundtables have sold out. There is no waiting list, but we do raffle off some slots to attendees in the weeks leading up to the EXPO.

I am attending the Lunch Roundtables. How does it work? Can I choose exactly who I want to be paired with?
On Friday, April 14th, during a break we will be holding Lunch Roundtables. During this 75 minute event, attendees will be served lunch and will get to meet with industry professionals and panelists in small group settings. A distinguished industry professional or panelist will sit with a small group of attendees to talk and answer questions. Every 15 minutes, the leader will rotate so you'll meet with four in total. ASCAP will select leaders - be it songwriters, publishers, lawyers or other people to help your career - so that a broad range of topics will be covered during lunch.


What is the cancellation/refund policy? How do I cancel?
Cancellations received prior to February 1, 2017 will receive a full refund, less a 15% processing fee. Cancellations received between February 1, 2017 and March 15, 2017 will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds after March 15 2017. To cancel, please call (702) 798-8315 or email

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"The ASCAP EXPO was truly inspiring. It was one of the best weekends of my life."

Michelle Oglevie, Attendee



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