Complete List of Winners

ASCAP Golden Note Award: Presented to John David Souther a master songwriter, musical innovator and distinguished recording artist.

ASCAP Songwriter of the Year: Ashley Gorley for "It Won't Be Like This For Long," "Start A Band" and "You're Gonna Miss This.

ASCAP Songwriter/Artist of the Year: Alan Jackson for "Good Time" and "Country Boy"

ASCAP Country Song of the Year: "You're Gonna Miss This" written by Ashley Gorley. Published by Songs of Combustion Music and Bug Music/Windswept.

ASCAP Publisher of the Year: EMI Music Publishing for "All Summer Long," "Come On Over," "Country Boy," "Country Man," "Good Time," "I Still Miss You," "I'm Still A Guy," "Relentless," and "Start a Band"

ASCAP Partners in Music Award: Gerry House and the House Foundation for their contributions toward the promotion and support of songwriters, musicians and artists.

Most Performed Songs

"All I Ever Wanted"
Writers: Monty Powell, Chuck Wicks, Anna Wilson
Publishers: Criterion Music, Dirty Water Dog, Jazz Your Azz Tunes, Lanark Village Tunes, Universal Music Publishing

"All I Want To Do"
Writer: Jennifer Nettles
Publisher: Jennifer Nettles Publishing

"All Summer Long"
Writers: Edward King, Leroy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Leadsheet Land Music, Tiny Tunes, Universal Music Publishing

"Already Gone"
Writer: Jennifer Nettles
Publisher: Jennifer Nettles Publishing

"Always The Love Songs"
Writer: David Lee Murphy
Publishers: N2D Publishing, Old Desperadoes

"Another Try"
Writers: Chris Stapleton, Jeremy Spillman
Publishers: Sea Gayle Music, Songs Of The Village, Son Of A Miner Songs, Universal Music Publishing

"Back When I Knew It All"
Writer: Trent Willmon
Publishers: Lazy Blue Dog Music, Sea Gayle Music

"Bob That Head"
Writers: Neil Thrasher, Gary LeVox, Michael Dulaney
Publishers: Circle C Songs, Major Bob Music, Song ATV Music Publishing, S1 Songs America, Crosstown Songs

"Come On Over"
Writers: Victoria Banks, Rachel Proctor, Jessica Simpson,
Publishers: Circle C Songs, Sweet Kisses, EMI Music Publishing

"Country Boy"
Writer: Alan Jackson
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Tri Angels Music

"Country Man"
Writers: Galen Griffin, Jason Matthews
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Mas Village Music, Songfighter Music

Writer: Jonathan Singleton
Publisher: Crosstown Songs

"Don't Think I Don't Think About It"*
Writers: Clay Mills, Darius Rucker
Publishers: Cadaja Publishing, MXC Music, Still Working For The Woman

"Don't You Know You're Beautiful"
Writer: Chris Lindsey
Publisher: Moonscar Music

"Down The Road"
Writer: Mac McAnally
Publisher: Beginner Music

"Every Other Weekend"
Writer: Connie Harrington
Publishers: Platinum Plow, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

"Everything Is Fine"
Writer: Josh Turner
Publishers: Bream Buster Music, Universal Music Publishing

"Feel That Fire"
Writer: Dierks Bentley
Publishers: Creature Sounds Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

"Good Time"*
Writer: Alan Jackson
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Tri Angels Music

Writer: Stephen Robson, Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing

"Here Comes Goodbye"
Writer: Clint Lagerberg
Publishers: Big Loud Shirt, Extreme Writers Group

Writer: Michael Buble (SOCAN)
Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

"How ‘Bout You Don't"
Writer: Jeremy Stover
Publishers: Hits And Smashes Music, That's How I Roll Music, Universal Music Publishing

"I Can Sleep When I'm Dead"
Writer: Rivers Rutherford
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing

"I Still Miss You"
Writers: Keith Anderson, Jason Sellers
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Romeo Cowboy Music, This Is Hit, Troy D Songs

"I Told You So"
Writer: Randy Travis
Publisher: Sometimes You Win Music

"I Will"
Writer: Rory Lee Feek
Publishers: A Sling And A Prayer Music, S1 Songs America

"I'll Walk"
Writer: Lonnie Fowler, Brent Wilson
Publishers: A Dog Named Kitty Publishing, Bwilsongs Music, Southcastle Songs

"I'm Still A Guy"
Writers: Kelley Lovelace, Brad Paisley
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Sea Gayle Music

"It Won't Be Like This For Long"
Writers: Chris DuBois, Ashley Gorley, Darius Rucker
Publishers: Cadaja Publishing, Bug Music/Windswept, Sea Gayle Music, Songs Of Combustion Music

"It's America"
Writer: Brett James
Publishers: Brett James Cornelius Music, Stage Three Songs

"Johnny And June"
Writer: Deanna Bryant
Publishers: Amylase Music, Tell Texas Tunes III

"Just A Dream"
Writers: Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson (SOCAN)
Publishers: Bug Music/Windswept, Raylene Music, Songs Of Combustion Music

"Last Call"
Writers: Erin Enderlin, Shane McAnally
Publishers: Crazy Water Music, Universal Music Publishing, World House Of Hits

"Last Name"
Writers: Hillary Lindsey, Luke Laird
Publishers: Laird Road Music, Raylene Music, Universal Music Publishing

"Learning How To Bend"
Writers: James LeBlanc, Matt Warren
Publisher: House Of Fame Music

"Let Me"
Writers: Marc Beeson, Danny Orton
Publishers: Danny Orton Songs, Dazahit Music, Springfish Music, Universal Music Publishing

"Love Is A Beautiful Thing"
Writer: Craig Wiseman
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing

"Marry For Money"
Writer: David R. Turnbull, IV
Publisher: Sea Gayle Music

"Nothin' To Die For"
Writer: Craig Wiseman
Publisher: Big Loud Shirt

"Put A Girl In It"
Writer: Ben Hayslip
Publishers: Get A Load Of This Music, Melissa's Money Music, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

Writers: James LeBlanc, John Paul White
Publishers: Chief Black Cloud Music, EMI Music Publishing, House Of Fame

"Roll With Me"*
Writer: Tommy Karlas
Publisher: Year Of The Dog

"Shuttin' Detroit Down"
Writers: John Anderson, John Rich
Publishers: J Money Music, Seminole Wind Music

"Start A Band"
Writers: Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace
Publishers: EMI Music Publishing, Bug Music/Windswept, Songs Of Combustion Music

"That's A Man"
Writers: Steven Dale Jones, Mark D. Sanders
Publishers: Larga Vista Music, Songs Of The Sanderosa, Steven Dale Jones Music, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing

Writer: Monty Holmes
Publishers: Ash Street Publishing, Broadus A Spivey

"Trying To Stop Your Leaving"
Writer: Dierks Bentley
Publisher: Big White Tracks

"Waitin' On A Woman"*
Writer: Don Sampson
Publishers: Emma & Maddie Music, Sea Gayle Music

"Where I'm From"
Writer: Joe Leathers
Publisher: Curb Songs

"You Can Let Go"
Writer: Rory Lee Feek
Publisher: S1 Songs America

"You're Gonna Miss This"*
Writer: Ashley Gorley
Publishers: Songs Of Combustion Music, Bug Music/Windswept

* Denotes Top Five Songs