September 09, 2015

ASCAP Audio Portrait: Dominik Scherrer

The Missing

Dominik Scherrer explains what made The Missing such an alluring project.

Dominik Scherrer says he composes emotional themes, not characters.

The Basement
Dominik Scherrer describes how he created the series’ sonic signature.

Dominik Scherrer didn’t know how his soundtrack would be received.

The Missing is a successful TV miniseries that traces a father and detective’s search for a kidnapped boy. The thriller’s evocative soundtrack, by composer Dominik Scherrer, has been nominated for an Emmy. Scherrer's sonic backdrop shaped the mood of the narrative and kept evolving with its haunting storyline. Even though his work is highly regarded, Scherrer wasn’t sure how The Missing would be received until it finally aired.