August 13, 2013

ASCAP Audio Portrait: Van Dyke Parks' Songs Cycled

Songs Cycled

Songs Cycled
Van Dyke Parks says his albums have always celebrated what he's heard.

The All Golden
Parks says why he revived this anti-war song from his first album.

Parks' outlaw chamber music version of Edd Wheeler's classic.

Sacred Songs
Parks says he can't help tinkering with sacred a capella songs.

Money Is King
Parks says his love of calypso and church hymns is intertwined.

Parks says American music is losing the variety he cherishes.

Van Dyke Parks been a significant contributor to several decades' worth of classics, including a handful of unassailable masterpieces. He's perhaps still best known for co-writing the lyrics to The Beach Boys' legendary masterpiece Smile. His first album containing new material in 20 years, Songs Cycled is an epic and whimsical journey by a master composer, arranger, songwriter and performer. The album is as joyous and irreverent as it is serious and impressive, expanding even further Parks' pioneering, and still unique, handle on Americana with the crystal clarity of a 21st century recording.