February 10, 2015

ASCAP Audio Portrait: Gretchen Peters' Blackbirds


Gretchen Peters says her latest album takes a look at mortality and family.

Pretty Things
Peters explains how this song starts as a woman’s cry for help.

The Cure For The Pain
There may not be answers to life’s questions, muses Peters.

Everything Falls Away
Peters says she’s not a religious person but has great faith.

When You Comin’ Home
Peters describes the reasons she loves Jimmy LaFave’s vocals on this track.

Gretchen Peters is a beloved and respected Grammy-nominated songwriter-artist who was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2014. Her moody and captivating songs are filled with lost souls, people trapped in the darkness or finding their way out. In her new album, Blackbirds, she ponders mortality, family and faith in songs that soothe and lift the spirit - even in the darkest of times. To find out more about Blackbirds and Gretchen Peters, visit www.gretchenpeters.com.