March 20, 2013

ASCAP Audio Portrait: David Carbonara

Mad Men

Film Composer
David Carbonara recalls discovering the wonders of composing for film.

Music and Pictures
David Carbonara describes how he started writing scores for short films.

Mad Men
David Carbonara describes the sounds he created for the popular TV show.

David Carbonara says this film called for a livelier score than he'd write for TV.

David Carbonara is an accomplished film and television composer who can be best described as a musical short story writer. A trombonist who grew up in the 1960s, he writes with a subtlety for creating moods and a flair for enlarging his characters, and his music often features creative interplay between strings, woodwinds and horns. Most recently, Carbonara created the score for the hit television series Mad Men and the documentary film Glickman, among many others. Hear Carbonara discuss the creative process in this ASCAP audio profile.