July 16, 2014

ASCAP Audio Portrait: Cory Branan's The No-Hit Wonder

The No-Hit Wonder

All the Rivers in Colorado
Cory Branan explains how his songwriting has changed with his fourth album and his desire to make the record timeless and universal

C'mon Shadow
Branan tries to find a new way and a memorable reason to tell the universal stories in each of his songs

The No-Hit Wonder
Branan's ode to the talented traveling troubadours he has met along the way, who inspired this song

You Make Me
The strong women is his life, like his wife, inspire him and his songwriting, says Branan

All I Got And Gone
The passing of Branan's father led to the channeling of his grief into this unique and haunting story

Throughout his decade-long career, Cory Branan has been too punk for country, too country for punk, too Memphis for Nashville, and ultimately, a top-notch songwriter who should be much more well-known than he is. His fourth album, The No-Hit Wonder, is influenced by the pull of settling down and push of life's unavoidable unsettlings, and navigates the lows while celebrating the highs with fresh urgency. There's a timeless craftsmanship in his deceptively simple songs about love and home, losses and dreams. Branan is backed by a who's who of great Nashville players who add punch, spice, moodiness and verve to his strong vocals, and the album features notable guest appearances by the Hold Steady's Craig Finn and Steve Selvidge, Jason Isbell, Caitlin Rose, Tim Easton and more. For more information about Cory Branan and The No-Hit Wonder, visit www.facebook.com/corybranan.