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The ASCAP Lab experiments at the intersection of technology, art, and business to super-serve and support our music creator and music user communities into the next century.

We inspire and funnel the deep passion and creativity that ASCAP employees already bring to their work in order to harness innovation that matters to our Members and the music industry.

Enter the NYCML x ASCAP Immersive Music Studio Challenge

Are you working at the intersection of music + tech? The ASCAP Lab is partnering with the New York City Media Lab to run a 12-week accelerator on immersive technologies and music creation. Apply by January 29!

See What’s Bubbling at the Lab

In Summer 2020, we collaborated with five university teams to prototype and unlock new ways to create and experience music, using emerging technologies.

MADD, by Team MIDI

Portable soft-surface audio sampler and editor that allows for increased expressiveness and customization of sound.


Raspberry Pi-based wearable that reads the body’s physical and emotional reactions to music and provides feedback to the performer.


Browser-based 3-D sound design tool that democratizes creating physically-navigable sonic AR experiences.

Shadow Network

A networked audio-visual software for participants to create music with their body movements, as an online collective experience and a way for people to learn the basics of sound synthesis and composition through movement.

Virtual Lab

Software that allows users—regardless of experience—to collaborate via the web with everyday objects and basic body movements to create a series of sound and music experiences.

"To drive our next century of growth and to harness your deep passion for ASCAP’s mission, we have launched ASCAP Lab, an innovation program that will explore advanced technologies, new business approaches and creative collaborations intended to broaden the lens through which we view what is possible as we seek to serve and support our membership."

Elizabeth Matthews - ASCAP Chief Executive Officer