January 6th Message to ASCAP Employees from CEO Elizabeth Matthews Regarding Events at the U.S. Capitol

January 7, 2021

In a message to ASCAP team members on the evening of January 6, 2021, ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews responded to the shocking events in Washington, D.C., encouraging the ASCAP team to work together and stand for peace and fairness, remembering our common mission and shared values.


Read the full letter below. 





Dear Team ASCAP:


The events in Washington D.C. are nothing short of shocking and disturbing.  Today, a group of people broke the law and violated the centuries-old tradition of peaceful transfer of power by storming the Capitol, causing evacuation and interfering with the important business of our elected representatives.

This breach of our laws and of our national norms of decency and respect is unacceptable on every level.


Whatever your political beliefs, as Americans we share the values of free speech, tolerance, peaceful protest and respect for all of our citizens.  It is important that we remember these values as we watch events continue to unfold in Washington, D.C.   I know that so many of you were troubled by the disturbing images and reports we saw today and it was hard to focus on our day-to-day work at ASCAP.


I know too that many of you are disheartened by the difference in the way these individuals were treated today as compared with the protesters that marched for racial justice this summer. This disparity adds to the troubling nature of today's events.


At ASCAP, our collective mission is to promote and protect the greatest good for all of our members and to celebrate and encourage the diversity of their musical gifts.  As we each process today’s assault on our democracy, let us please remember to act toward one another with respect and kindness.  


If the past year has taught us anything, it is how much stronger we are when we support one another as ASCAP colleagues and friends and work together to advance our common mission.


I appreciate all that you do for ASCAP and I have faith that working together we can make an impact in standing for peace and fairness.  I am optimistic that this dark day in our history will transform over time into stronger unity and faith in our democracy.