As sweeping technological and cultural forces transform how music is experienced, ASCAP continues to work harder than anyone to protect the rights of our music creator members.

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April 2018

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews Statement on House Passage of the Music Modernization Act HR 5447

On April 25, the House of Representatives passed the Music Modernization Act—an important bipartisan piece of legislation that will give songwriters a fair chance at fair compensation in the digital age. Read the statement from ASCAP CEO Beth Matthews regarding this important step in the legislative process.

April 2018

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews Statement on Introduction of Music Modernization Act H.R. 5447

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews speaks on the reintroduction of the bill.

March 2018

Deadline Passes for DOJ Appeal: Fractional Licensing Decision Stands

On March 19, the deadline passed for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to file an appeal with the US Supreme Court regarding fractional licensing under the PRO consent decrees. As no appeal was filed by the DOJ, the final decision of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals stands that the consent decrees allow ASCAP and BMI to continue to engage in the historic practice of fractional licensing.

January 2018

ASCAP, BMI and NAB Joint Statement On Deal Resolving Broadcaster Issues With Music Modernization Act

From NAB President & CEO Gordon Smith, ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews and BMI President & CEO Mike O’Neill

January 2018

Coalition Praises Senate Introduction of the Music Modernization Act

NMPA, ASCAP, BMI, NSAI, SONA welcome Senate introduction of MMA

January 2018

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews Statement on Senate Introduction of Music Modernization Act

ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews speaks on the new bill.

January 2018

Bipartisan Senators Introduce “Most Significant Change in Music Licensing Laws in Decades”

Hatch, Alexander, Coons, Corker, Durbin, Jones, Isakson, Whitehouse sponsor consensus legislation supported by songwriters, music publishers, and digital music services.

Voters agree: it's time to update music licensing laws.

A survey shows that nearly 2/3 of US voters, across the political spectrum, believe the free market should determine what songwriters are paid, not the government.

ASCAP does a wonderful job of trying to make the powers that be see that for songwriters, it can be tough to make a living. We’re not all the big shots. We’re the people that are in the trenches everyday writing the songs that make up radio. ASCAP does a great job of getting our rights protected and keeping them protected.

—Brett James

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