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Then and Now: Songwriter Compensation in the Digital Age


Message From Beth Matthews To ASCAP's Songwriter, Composer & Publisher Members About The Recent DOJ Proposal

ASCAP CEO Beth Matthews Responds To The Recent Proposal From The US Department Of Justice

Statement From Congressman Doug Collins On The Recent Department Of Justice Proposal

Quote From Representative Marsha Blackburn In The Tennessean Regarding The DOJ's Proposal

VIDEO: #StandWithSongwriters 2016

Watch songwriters explain the challenges facing today's music creators and collectively deliver a personal appeal for music licensing reform. Changes are needed fast. Whether you are a music creator or a music fan, please #standwithsongwriters and help us build a stronger future for music.

Thanks to the songwriters (listed in order of appearance) who participated in this video: Priscilla Renea, Chris DeStefano, Benjamin Brim, Adam Schlesinger, Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen and Jourdan Rystram. Music by Adam Schlesinger.

ACT: Ask Congress to #StandWithSongwriters and Support the Songwriter Equity Act!