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The rights of songwriters are under attack. Pandora Media Inc., which controls 70% of the US streaming market, has launched an aggressive campaign to pay songwriters and composers less than a fair market share for their work – even as the company’s revenue and listener base has soared.

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Dear Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews,

As songwriters and composers, we value the opportunities Pandora and other music streaming companies create for our music to reach new audiences. In return, we want Pandora to value our contribution to your business.

Right now, a song that is streamed on Pandora 1,000 times earns the songwriter only 8 cents on average. And yet, Pandora is going to great lengths – even taking songwriters to court – to pay us even less.

Music drives Pandora’s business. If the company’s revenues keep getting larger, why should the rate it pays songwriters keep getting smaller?

We’re asking you, as Pandora’s new CEO, to live up to the claim that, “We believe in the value of music and have a profound respect for those who create it.”

Songwriters are not the enemy. Instead of fighting to pay music creators less than a fair market rate, join us in an effort to construct fair music licenses that allow songwriters and composers to thrive alongside the businesses that revolve around our music.

Songwriters and Composers

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The key to winning this fight is helping people understand what is at stake. Hundreds of thousands of songwriters and composers depend on performance royalties to support themselves and their families. We want to help people understand why it’s important and fair to pay songwriters and composers for their hard work. No one can deliver that message more effectively than you! Send us your story to, describing why performance rights matter to you personally and professionally. It doesn’t have to be long. Each story is unique and plays an indispensable role in expressing what it means to be a songwriter in today’s digital age. Please include your contact information. With your permission, we will use these narratives in our advocacy campaign to spread the word, including publishing some on the ASCAP site. Read More

"We believe that songwriters have the right to determine what happens to their work. We believe that producing great songs is a career not a part time job. We believe that songwriters should not be singled out as unworthy of reasonable financial compensation in exchange for their work. We believe that if we don’t make a stand for songwriters' rights, the quality of songwriting will deteriorate and truly talented songwriters will be deprived of the opportunity to create great songs. In our society, we call this equal rights."

- Will Buckley

"As a 100 percent professional musician and member of ASCAP, I have dedicated most of my life to composing music. This music not only makes my life's work a reality but, as many people have said to me, “it helps to make my day better". To which I always answer "Thank you so much"! That is all wonderful but it won't pay my bills. For that I rely on gigs and royalties. I studied music formally at The University of Miami and play 300 local and regional gigs per year. There is no reason that Pandora or any other company should cut musicians' royalty rate. They're in business because it's clear that use of our property allows them to thrive. If musicians are stripped of their earnings, eventually, Pandora would need new music and we wouldn't want them using it any more. Don't bite the hand that made you rich. It is wrong to prey upon artists who create music that cannot be made otherwise. Be smart and you will be much better off. We love Pandora. Let's keep it that way."

- Marc Vulsanovic

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