Dear Music Community...

Join ASCAP’s Effort to Build a Stronger Future for Music

For 100 years, ASCAP’s collective licensing model has benefited music lovers everywhere while allowing songwriters and composers to prosper alongside businesses that use our music. Join the chorus of songwriters, composers and publishers who want to help build a sustainable future for music.

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Dear Music Community:

For 100 years, ASCAP has nurtured, supported and protected songwriters and composers, providing them with a livelihood, while enabling businesses that use music to thrive.

Today, our nearly 500,000 writer and publisher members depend on ASCAP to negotiate licenses, track public performances, distribute royalties and advocate on their behalf. We take great pride in being the only performance rights organization owned and run by its members.

As we consider our next 100 years, we firmly believe ASCAP’s collective licensing model is the most effective, efficient and compelling model to serve the needs of all stakeholders in the music ecosystem of the future. But as technology transforms how people listen to music, the decades-old rules that regulate music licensing haven’t kept pace.

That’s why ASCAP is exploring ways to modernize the music licensing system so that it benefits music lovers everywhere and allows songwriters and composers to prosper alongside businesses that use our music.

Working together, we can ensure a strong future for American music.

Paul Williams, President and Chairman of the Board
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)