Office of Public Affairs

ASCAP has long been an active force in the area of Public Affairs, and has been fighting to protect the rights of songwriters and composers for decades. Many of the legal safeguards enjoyed today by the creative community have been achieved as a result of tireless efforts on the part of ASCAP.

From its beginnings, ASCAP has been on the frontlines in efforts to ensure that copyright-related legislation on the national and state levels is as favorable as possible to music creators. In addition, ASCAP has frequently taken on in courts of law, interests opposed to compensating music creators for the use of their works. ASCAP and its members have been plaintiffs in many landmark cases that have strengthened protections for music creators. Most recently (July 11, 2005) ASCAP filed 30 separate copyright infringement actions against nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in 15 states and the District of Columbia, who publicly performed copyrighted musical works of ASCAP songwriters, composers, and music publishers without prior consent.

One of ASCAP's primary aims has always been to educate music users, the general public and members of Congress. ASCAP has organized many events in Washington, DC to bring noted music creators and legislators together, thereby putting a human face on the songs loved by the public.

ASCAP is known for its ability to mobilize its members and others in the creative community through extensive Grass-Roots campaigns, which have been a major part of strengthening legislators' understanding and appreciation of issues of concern to music creators. If you are interested in volunteering to aid ASCAP's legislative efforts or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us:

Office of Public Affairs
ASCAP Building
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