Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The ASCAP Board of Directors is made up entirely of writers and publishers elected from and by the membership every two years. This Board elects a President and Chairman, who must be a writer. Members of the ASCAP Board are appointed to actively serve on various committees by ASCAP's President and Chairman (who presides over all Board meetings).


Fred Koenigsberg


ASCAP's key committees, described below, report their deliberations and recommendations to the entire Board.

  • AWARDS COMMITTEE - Oversees the Society's Special Awards Program (cash awards) to assist writer members whose works have special prestige value or are performed in media not surveyed by ASCAP.
  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Advises with and aids the officers of the Society in all matters concerning the Board's interests and the management of its business.
  • FINANCE COMMITTEE - Attends to and supervises all the fiscal operations of the Society as directed by the Board; examines financial statements each month and at the close of the fiscal year; and reviews all other financial matters which might have an effecton the Society's operations.
  • FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE - Formulates ASCAP's policy with affiliated societies overseas; explores ways to improve foreign income and maintain ongoing presence and relationships abroad.
  • LAW AND LICENSING COMMITTEE - Reviews license arrangements with music users and deals with legal questions which are not under the jurisdiction of other committees.
  • LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE - Establishes key directives in regard to federal and state legislation which affect ASCAP directly and indirectly; oversees all legislative programs and activities.
  • MARKETING COMMITTEE - Develops marketing, public relations and media objectives to attract new members, enhance relationships with customers and reach out to the music community, legislators and the general public.
  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Reviews eligible members for election and advises in all matters concerning general membership decisions.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGIES COMMITTEE - Investigates new technology as it develops and advises on applications to ASCAP operations and activities.
  • SURVEY & DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE - Oversees survey of performances and distribution of royalties to members and reviews weighting formula.
  • SYMPHONIC & CONCERT COMMITTEE - Considers issues relevant to concert music and recommends ASCAP activities and programs in this area.


The ASCAP Board of Review is an independent panel of writer and publisher members, elected by ASCAP's membership, and available to hear claims by members that their royalty distributions were not made in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by ASCAP's Board of Directors. The following members were elected to the Board of Review for a four-year term commencing April 1, 2014.


Popular-Production Publishers
Helene Blue,
Helene Blue Musique Ltd.

Bob Doyle,
Major Bob Music

Keith Mardak,
Hal Leonard Corporation

Justin Kalifowitz (Alternate),

Symphony & Concert Publishers
Stephen Culbertson,
Subito Music Corporation

Lauren Keiser (Alternate),
Lauren Keiser Music Publishing


Popular-Production Authors (Lyricists)
John Bettis

Arthur Hamilton

Popular-Production Composers
Charles Bernstein

James DiPasquale (Alternate)

Symphony & Concert Composers
Melinda Wagner