ASCAP Governing Documents

Downloadable Documents

Listed below are links to downloadable documents that govern ASCAP and its relationship with its membership and licensees.

Please note that at its September 2020 meeting, ASCAP's Board of Directors approved changes to the rules regarding disputes over renewal rights and terminations of copyright grants as set forth in Rule 2.8.2 of the Compendium of ASCAP Rules and Regulations, and Policies Supplemental to the Articles of Association.  The revised rule is now in conformity with ASCAP's rules governing royalty disputes between members, and between members and nonmembers, all of which now explicitly state that ASCAP has discretion to withhold royalties attributable to performances of the work that is the subject of a dispute.  Clarifying language has been added to the final sentences of Rules 2.8.1 and 2.8.3 as well.

  • ASCAP's Survey and Distribution System: Rules & Policies *(PDF)
    The rules and regulations governing distribution of royalties to members, including the Writers’ Distribution Plans, the Writers’ and Publishers’ Distribution Formulas, the Weighting Rules and Weighting Formula.

Please note that at its September 2020 meeting, ASCAP's Board of Directors approved a change to Rule 2.11 to reflect a change in the distribution cycle for processing certain live concert performances, from an annual basis, to a semi-annual or annual basis, as determined by Management. Earlier, the Board of Directors had approved a change to Rule 4.6.2 to provide that for performances of serious works in concert and symphony halls, points are awarded for up to a maximum of 360 minutes for any performance.

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