We create music.

ASCAP is a membership association of more than 600,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. We uphold the value of our members’ music, and help them thrive alongside the businesses that use their music every day.

The ASCAP payment system

We license over 10 million ASCAP songs and scores to the businesses that play them publicly, then send the money to our members as royalties. We use cutting-edge technology to process nearly 600 billion performances every year - more than any PRO in the world.

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ASCAP leadership

ASCAP is the only US performing rights organization with a Board of Directors made up of music writers and publishers, elected from and by our membership. They combine deep experience and strategic vision to lead ASCAP into the future.

The ASCAP story

ASCAP was the first PRO in the US, founded in 1914. As the music business has evolved, we’ve evolved right along with it. But we remain committed to protecting the livelihoods of songwriters, composers and publishers that call ASCAP home.

Whatever your style, we have your back.

Governing Documents