April 03, 2013

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, April 3

The ASCAP Daily Brief

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Tech companies have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future.

VIDEO: Debating The Concept Of Golden Ears With Clive Davis
By Zack O'Malley Greenburg

Pick a Side BUT Don't Call it Piracy...
By Ellen Seidler -- ... there's been an uproar about a billboard that ostensibly asks artists to "pick a side" as to whether they support piracy or not...While it's worthwhile for artists to debate such issues, it's disingenuous to equate the choice to give one's music away as being equivalent to piracy. Piracy is not about giving, it's about stealing.

Artist Group Asks: "Is Shoplifting from American Eagle Stealing, or Sharing?"
By Helienne Lindvall -- Remember how, last week, DMN reported on TBWA Chiat Day's "rebellious" campaign Artists vs. Artists?...Well, yesterday, the cryptically named Horse and Cow Society launched its own campaign: Artists vs. American Eagle.

Copyright is Anti-Civil Liberties?
By David Newhoff -- On paper, copyright and civil liberties have coexisted since our nation’s founding. Of course, many civil liberties themselves have been, and continue to be, hard won against sentiments of racism, sexism, and religious zealotry; but the constancy of copyright’s incentive has played a crucial role in those battles.

Aereo Wins Appeal; Trial Likely for Streaming TV
By Brian Stelter

Reports of the CD's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
By Glenn Peoples

Is Music Discovery An Impossible Dream?
By Bobby Owsinski -- I'm beginning to disagree with is the idea that music discovery can be done electronically thanks to a smart algorithm that learns your tastes. Sound good on paper, but that's not actually the way that we've discovered music over the last 50+ years, or even today for that matter.

Could Google Pick The Next President?
By Craig Timberg -- The subtle power of search results.

Fred Wilson on Music Interoperability: ATM-Style "Roaming Network"
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- Venture capitalist and blogger Fred Wilson, whose firm invests in Turntable.fm, SoundCloud, Twitter and other companies, weighed in on an issue we've written about several times: true music portability. By that, I mean the ability of music fans to take their music from one service to another, instead of being locked into Spotify, Pandora or any other service.

Deconstructing Alex Day's Success
By Chancius Drzewucki -- I've recently become intrigued with DIY, Youtube sensation Alex Day. Coverage of his ongoing artistic success has been popping up here and there for the last year and I finally sat down to review and digest the different possible factors that have led to his success in hopes of revealing a path I may be able to co opt for my own musical efforts.

The Music Products Market: Unsung Hero Of The Music Industry
By Jessica Prouty -- The music products market is the unsung hero of the music industry. It is made up of manufacturers of instruments and instrument accessories, audio pro gear, recording software, trade magazines and educational materials for musicians and K-12 music learners.

Top 10 Most Powerful EDM Business People
By Clyde Smith

Computers Made Out of DNA, Slime and Other Strange Stuff
By Brandon Keim

These 3-D Printed Speakers Put On a Dazzling Light Show
By Nathan Hurst

Cover Songs: Here's What Famous Albums Would Look Like as Novels
By Angela Watercutter

Dean Kay


Dean Kay has been at the helm of some of the most highly respected and forward thinking music publishing companies in the world, first as COO of the Welk Music Group, then as President/CEO of the US division of the PolyGram International Publishing Group, and now as President/CEO of his own precedent setting venture, Lichelle Music Company. Prior to his involvement in publishing, he was a successful songwriter, having had hundreds of his compositions recorded - including "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Mr. Kay has been a member of the Board of Directors of ASCAP since 1989. He has served on the Boards of Directors of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), the Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), the Country Music Association (CMA), the Academy of County Music (ACM), the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), and the California Copyright Conference (CCC). Click here to read his full bio

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