November 05, 2012

ASCAP Composers Fill the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference

The Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference is one of the highest profile events that the film music community has. Every year, the Conference brings together composers, songwriters, supervisors, editors, directors and more to discuss the role of music in film and TV - and to plot out its future.

ASCAP was once again a Founding Sponsor of the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Conference in 2012, and as usual, our members were all over this year's schedule of panels and seminars.

On Wednesday, October 24th, we presented the EDM Invades Hollywood panel. Composer panelists Mike Simpson (Fight Club, Dust Brothers), Henry Jackman (Wreck-It Ralph, X-Men: First Class) and Junkie XL (Bringing Up Bobby, The Heineken Kidnapping) discussed the place for electronic music and musicians in the film music landscape with moderator Jason Bentley.

Simpson mentioned that his first important experience with getting music into film was when a song of his was placed in SpongeBob Squarepants. He also suggested that aspiring film composers "Develop a distinctive body of work. That's what you need for people to pay attention." Jackman offered some choice advice about working with film directors: "Be a politician, or you will become a schizophrenic." Junkie XL described his transition from DJing to film scoring as "like moving from the font of the bus to the back," then debated with Jackman whether not sleeping could actually benefit the creative process. Read an in-depth wrapup of the panel at

ASCAP members participated in plenty of other panels, as well. Glee Executive Music Producer Adam Anders and composer Geoff Zanelli (The Odd Life of Timothy Green) spoke about the collaborative aspects of film/TV aspects on the Composers, Producers & Directors: What It Takes to Build a Team panel. Songs and Scores panelists Jim Akin, William Bates and Phil Mossman discussed the difficulties of transitioning from an artist career to a composing career. ASCAP member Jordan Passman (founder of participated in a Commercials and Music panel, and composer Dave Porter talked shop with director Vince Gilligan and music supervisor Thomas Golubic on a panel dedicated to Breaking Bad.

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