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September 12, 2012

On the Charts: Adrian Newman on Hedley's "Kiss You Inside Out"

By Adrian Newman

Adrian Newman

Adrian Newman

ASCAP songwriter-producer Adrian Newman has co-written and produced mammoth hits for international superstars in Belgium, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Norway, South Africa and more. His most recent success was "Kiss You Inside Out" for the Canadian pop/rock band Hedley, which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 chart and is still holding strong in the Top 10 after 15 weeks.


With a title like "Kiss You Inside Out," how could you not want to listen, right?

Initially, I just wanted to create a cool song. Something upbeat but also musically compelling. So I played around on guitar and got the feeling and direction I was after. My production idea was to have an acoustically-driven four-on-the-floor song by taking some of my European dance influences and infusing it with some classic acoustic pop. Pairing programmed and synthesized sounds with organic acoustic guitar created something fresh that I felt was missing from the marketplace. Lyrically, the song needed to match that vibe. I teamed up with Lauren Christy and Brandyn Burnette and we penned lyrics that conveyed the excitement of a brand new love and finding someone special. We then added some catchy melodies with a touch of soulfulness. Adding a "woohoo" never hurts either! After we finished, everyone knew this was a special song. It's a perfect single for Hedley, whose passionate performance takes the song to another level and helped make it a song that resonates with so many people.

Read Adrian Newman's globe-spanning resume at http://bit.ly/UIxlMb.