September 02, 2012

ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board
Paul Williams Remembers Hal David

Hal David and Paul Williams

Hal David and Paul Williams

"A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no one sitting there
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart ... "

- Hal David

There are many, many broken hearts around the world today. The world has lost one of its sweetest souls. Happily the songs he gave us will live forever. But I cannot imagine walking into the ASCAP boardroom and not feeling Hal David's loving hand on my shoulder.

Hal has been a great friend, mentor and role model for me through the years. Although he always made me feel as if I was a special friend, I know I'm one of many. Never anything less than a cheerleader for younger songwriters' success, he was a warrior defending their rights. Long after he is gone, music creators will benefit from his many accomplishments as ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board for six years and long time Board member.

To his beautiful wife Eunice and to his entire family, Mariana and I send love and prayers. May the memories of his gentle heart remain close to you through these difficult days. Our arms are around you as we say a little prayer for you.

Paul Williams
ASCAP President & Chairman of the Board