April 26, 2012

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Thursday, April 26

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Creators are the messengers of humanity. Don't kill the messengers.

The Internet Wants to Be Open, But Some Internets Are More Open Than Others
By Dominic Young -- Sergey Brin of Google had a discussion with The Guardian and talked about his vision for the future of the internet, alongside his concerns about threats to that vision. It's an incredible insight into his (and Google's) world view, which seems to be from a truly unique perspective.

[United Nations]
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 27.
[Referenced in Helienne Lindvall's important article that appeared on yesterday's Dean's List. Thanks for the heads up, Paul.]

[Grooveshark's CEO Sam Tarantino is definitely from Bizarro World.]
6 Reasons Grooveshark's CEO Thinks Recorded Music Should Be Free
By Eliot Van Buskirk

A Shark in the Harbor -- Grooveshark May Lose Safe Harbor Protection
By Richard Busch -- With a library of more than 15 million songs, most of which are unlicensed, Grooveshark relies heavily on the "safe harbor" provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)... Grooveshark takes the controversial stance (along with other sites like Youtube) that its only obligation under the DMCA is to comply with takedown requests...

Don't Be Evil, But Don't Miss the Train
By Quentin Hardy -- Back in 2004, as Google prepared to go public, Larry Page and Sergey Brin celebrated the maxim that was supposed to define their company: "Don't be evil." But these days, a lot of people - at least the mere mortals outside the Googleplex - seem to be wondering about that uncorporate motto.

Dream Big: How To Succeed In Today's Volatile Music Biz
By Adam Gold -- Are you an aspiring musician or songwriter? Then let's face facts, you're chances of making it aren't very good. But they never really were...There aren't enough tastemakers and gatekeepers out there to pluck you from obscurity and fast track you to riches and rock stardom. It's not so bad, though...

TV Stations Struggle to Survive
By Cecilia Kang -- As users flock to iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, federal regulators are wrestling over the future of the government-mandated broadcasts.

Studies: Hispanics Leading Mobile Usage Growth, Smartphone Ownership, Web Radio Listening
By Michael Schmitt

eMusic: Excluding Apple From Their New App
By Kira Grunenberg -- I was intrigued to hear about the launch of eMusic's new mobile app and surprised by the exclusion of Apple. Not what you'd expect but it's interesting to hear why this is the case, given the prevalence of mobile apps and mobile service access.

Basic Marketing Principles For Artists - Part 1 of 3: Increasing Your Fan Base
By Ariel Hyatt

How to Make the Most of Digital Music
By Mihir Patkar and Savio D'Souza -- From tagging your MP3 files to discovering new tunes and artists, here's the definitive guide on how to make the most of digital music...

7 Extremely Weird Apps for Your iPhone and Android
By Dan Rowinski

Carole King - The Legendary Demos
By hyperbolium.com -- Demos are an industry currency that fans don't often get to hear. They're an audio notebook in which songwriters sketch their vision, either for themselves, or more intriguingly, for those to whom they wish to sell songs...[Carole's songs will outlive all of us...and their copyrights! - DK]

Why the Musical Instrument of the Future Might Be the 3D Camera
By Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg -- Microsoft's Kinect, an inexpensive motion and depth-sensitive camera designed for the Xbox 360 video game console, has sparked an amazing range of "Kinect hacks" since its release in 2010. Developers, artists, and musicians have reprogrammed and repurposed the technology for anything from goofy DIY projects to face tracking and projection mapping.

[Wonderful video]
'Land of Dreams': Rosanne Cash Is the Voice of Discover America
By Anthony Wing Kosner -- Today marked the launch of Discover America, the "the first ever global tourism campaign for the United States." And for the voice of the campaign - the voice of America - Brand USA chose singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash.

Map of Music Styles
By Music Machinery -- I spent this weekend at Rethink Music Hackers' Weekend building a music hack called Map of Music Styles (aka MOMS). This hack presents a visualization of over 1,000 music styles. You can pan and zoom through the music space just like you can with Google maps. When you see an interesting style of music you can click on it to hear some samples of music of that style.

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