December 02, 2011

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, December 2

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When CONSUMERS and CREATORS are happy
everyone in the middle will have gotten digital distribution right

Off to New York on business ... back on the 12th ...

Consumers Support More Protection Against Pirated and Counterfeited Goods
By Sandra Aistars -- The American Consumer Institute today announced the results of a survey illustrating that a vast majority of American consumers support stronger protection against websites trafficking pirated and counterfeit goods. ... Apparently, when scare tactics are removed from the discussion, the U.S. public largely supports the goals of legislation targeting foreign rogue websites marketing unlicensed, unregulated and unsafe products to American consumers.

Movie Business Strikes Back at Google
By Peter Voskamp -- The film industry came back swinging on Wednesday, calling recent claims by tech companies including Google that online piracy legislation will destroy the internet "nonsense," while also labelling those assertions as an effort to "gin people up."

The Story of John and Jack
By Terry Hart -- A funny thing happens when one reads about how "content industries hate technology." See if you can tell what it is ... Launches Music App Directory
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- staffers, engineers, and interns have been working on a music app directory behind the scenes for a while now. We quietly launched the first iteration of it just before Thanksgiving.

Online Music Napster Users Moving Over to Rhapsody This Week
By Thomas Peracchio -- Online music users with Napster accounts, take note, your account will be moving over to Rhapsody this week. According to announcements sent out to all Napster users, starting Thursday, December 1, Napster users will now sign into the Rhapsody website to access their accounts. ... What does this mean for online music?

World Domination For Pandora? CEO Says Don't Hold Your Breath
By Jim Edwards -- CEO Joe Kennedy told B.I.'s Ignition conference today that expanding Pandora into foreign countries would be a long, slow process because the company is hemmed in by the different music royalty fee structures that must be negotiated in each individual nation. His dream, he said, is "to someday have a billion plus people around the world using Pandora" but that would not happen "tomorrow or in five years."

Here's What Pandora REALLY Thinks Of Spotify
By Alyson Shontell

TV Distribution Models Challenged by Cord Cutters and Cord "Never-Havers"
Patrick S. Campbell -- Representatives of video technology firms and multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) gathered at the Future of Television conference in New York discussed the impact of "cord cutters" and "cord never-havers" upon traditional TV distribution models. ... "if cable companies don't change their model, somebody is going to change it for them."

Top 5 Online Music Trends in 2011
By John Paul Titlow -- Music is still a huge - and growing - part of the Web today. This year, we watched a number of trends unfold in the digital music space. Picking the five most significant was no easy task, but we manage to narrow it down. This space is still evolving, and we can only imagine how it will look another decade from now.

Spotify Takes A Step Towards Making Music The API
By Mark Mulligan -- So somewhat expectedly Spotify announced their app platform. Spotify's announcement didn't happen in isolation though. We are moving to the next stage of the evolution of the Internet, the age of the App-enabled web. ... now that software has been freed of the straightjacket of physical retail it is supercharging our digital lives, creating previously impossible experiences and functions.

Complete List of New Spotify Apps
By Bruce Houghton

Not Posting Videos on Facebook? New Data Shows You're Missing 60 Million Viewers
By Bruce Houghton

Researcher Trevor Eckhart Outs Creepy, Hidden App Installed on Smartphones (VIDEO)
By Gerry Smith -- [Thanks to Earl Rose for the link.]

Classical Music Ain't Just for Snobs
By Patrick West -- Demanding and ambitious, the BBC's Symphony series recalls a time when Haydn and Mozart were pop.

Wacky Apple iPhone Cases for All Ages
By Deborah Netburn

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