August 31, 2011

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, August 31

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When CONSUMERS and CREATORS are happy
everyone in the middle will have gotten digital distribution right

Steve Jobs' Greatest Legacy: Persuading The World To Pay For Content
By Charles Arthur

How Facebook Will Save The Music Industry
Business Insider ...The idea is that if ... music isn't pushed on people by advertisements or radio Djs, but recommended by their friends or someone who's taste they trust, a sale is more likely. With the rapid growth of social media enabling real-time sharing of massive amounts of content, the music industry has found it's holy grail – word of mouth marketing at scale. Skeptics could easily say "here we go again"...

At Last, a Label Goes Digital
By Ben Sisario -- Putumayo World Music, ... has developed a multimillion-dollar franchise around the idea of making the sounds of distant corners of the planet accessible to everyday Western shoppers. ... Putumayo's colorfully decorated, novice-level compilations, like "Acoustic Brazil" and "French Café," have sold 27 million copies around the world. ... Until now, however, Putumayo has been behind the commercial curve in one important aspect: as one of the last holdouts on digital music, it has made none of its albums available as downloads.

"Yo, When Does the New App Drop?" Why Apps Need A Taste of the Music Scene
By Nate Hubbell

eMusic Partners With The Echo Nest to Create eMusic Radio
By Glenn Peoples -- eMusic has partnered with The Echo Nest to build new products for its digital music service using The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform. The first result of the partnership is eMusic Radio, radio programs hosted at eMusic that help listeners explore the store's music catalog. [Article claims, "Both members and non-members can listen to eMusic Radio" - I couldn't find a way to listen without becoming a member.]

Don't Touch That Radio Dial — Arbitron Is Listening
By Steve Carney -- Three years after switching from the decades old diary system to Portable People Meters, (terrestrial radio) stations have changed what audiences hear and rethought some longtime practices.

Calunius Backs Case Over Elvis's German Royalties
By Joanne Harris -- Third-party litigation funder Calunius Litigation Risk Fund is supporting a lawsuit filed in Germany on behalf of the estate of Elvis Presley. ... The case is claiming unpaid royalties on Elvis songs sold in Germany between March 2002 and 2023. It was filed following amendments to German copyright law that extended the term of protection from 25 to 50 years.

Google To TV Industry: Adapt Or Die
By Matt Rosoff -- Google Chairman Eric Schmidt gave a lecture to the U.K. TV industry in Scotland last week, and his basic message was adapt or die. Here are some key points, drawn from the transcript ...

AT&T-Verizon-T Mobile Sets $100 Million for Google Fight: Tech
By Olga Kharif -- Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA plan to invest more than $100 million in their joint venture that lets consumers pay for goods with mobile phones, people with knowledge of the project said. The investment sets up a showdown between the venture, known as Isis, and rivals like a mobile-payment service from Google Inc.

Masked Protesters Aid Time Warner's Bottom Line
By Nick Bilton -- Time Warner owns the rights to a Guy Fawkes mask and is paid a licensing fee with the sale of each mask worn by members of the hacker group Anonymous.

Top 3 Ways To Know That You're Getting Ripped Off By A Club Or Booker
By Bruce Houghton -- Running a music venue is hard work. Let's get that little truth out of the way upfront. So, here are a few things to be on the lookout for when it comes time to collect payment at the end of the night:

Steve Jobs vs. Thomas Edison
By Emi Kolawole -- ... it's time to vote for the innovator of the week. ... This week's competition is between two titans of innovation and design: Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and incandescent light bulb inventor (among other things) Thomas Alva Edison.

VIDEO: This Is What Happens When Two Computers Talk To Each Other
By Matt Rosoff

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Dean Kay has been at the helm of some of the most highly respected and forward thinking music publishing companies in the world, first as COO of the Welk Music Group, then as President/ CEO of the US division of the PolyGram International Publishing Group, and now as President/CEO of his own precedent setting venture, Lichelle Music Company. Prior to his involvement in publishing, he was a successful songwriter, having had hundreds of his compositions recorded - including "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Mr. Kay has been a member of the Board of Directors of ASCAP since 1989 and is Chairman of its New Technologies Committee. He is also on the Board of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA).

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