May 29, 2008

Stepping Out: Featured

PREBAN ANTONSEN’S string quartet “Camouflage” on From the Top in a live taping at Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley on May 29.

TED BRUNER'S songs on albums by Miley Cyrus, Takota, Katy Perry, Marie Digby, and Takota.

RAPHAEL DIGIORGIO’S music in WhiteWater Films Kabluey on the History Channel's Modern Marvels, The Disney Channels Corey in the House and Gene Simmons Family on A&E.

CASEY DUNMORE’S music in TV commercial promos for the Janice & Abbey reality show on the Oxygen Network.

FANS OF JIMMY CENTURY’S electronic dance songs “Hot Sahara” on The L Word on January 27 th and on ABC’s Ugly Betty last October.

GERALD FRIED at Yale University for two seminars and a Masters Tea as well as conducting the chorus and orchestra in a concert of the composer's film and TV works.

DAVE GIRTSMAN’S "Housing Bubble" on The Thom Hartmann Show.

MARTIN GUIGUI’S “Foggin Up The Streets” in National Lampoon’s latest romantic comedy, Cattle Call. Lions Gate released it on May 13, 2008.

JOHN W. HARDEN’S performance of the National Anthem for a sold out crowd of 13,000+ at the University of Dayton, Ohio on February 16, 2008.

STEVEN EVANNE HEINSTEIN’S score for video game, Net Jet DJ.

JAY JAI'S "Slow Step" on Sacramento's #1 station KSFM.

CURTIS JOHNSON a.k.a. MARV’S “Sexy” on the Making the Band 4 Season 2 trailer/promo.

THE KINGSBURY MAX’S “Harness and Wheel” from album The Fast Rise and Fall of the South will be in the John C. Reilly comedy film, The Promotion, opening nationwide this year.

DEAN LOPES’ original music on The Late Show, Talk Soup, E True Hollywood Story, Huff, Hollywood Revealed, Dr. 90210, Sports Talk Live, Wild On Dixie, Style, Celebrity Adventures, Entertainment Tonight and recently released Solidbodies the movie, The 50 Year Guitar War.

BARBARA MARTIN’S song “Ready for Love” was on ABC Family’s new show, Greek, sung by actress Amber Vox.

JOHN MASSARI’S original score for The Cell 2, distributed worldwide by New Line Cinema.

SCOTT PEARSON and DAVID IMHOF’S score for TV show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight on Monday nights.

SUSAN POLINIAK’S score to the Edgar Allen Poe film, The Tell-Tale Heart.

PRINCESS LYRIC’S “Got It Like That” on February 16 th in South Bend, IN.

PITCH BLACK DREAM’S “Downtown Tonight” on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club 2.

RIVETHEAD’S cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” at almost every Dallas Stars game at American Airlines Center. Also, XM radio is featuring their original songs “Difference,” “Rise Up” and the Timberlake cover on major rotation.

DAVE SAPERSTEIN’S music at the William Paterson University Composer in Residence Day XI.

SHYAN SELAH'S new single, “Hollywood Blvd” on the CBS/Paramount drama Numb3rs in May. The song is from Shyan’s new album, Brave New World.

SCOTT SHEETS as one of the top twenty songwriters in the 2008 American Idol Songwriters Competition. Sheets was a member of the pat Benatar Band and wrote her hit "Fire and Ice" and "Prisoner of Love."

ALLEN SIMPSON'S original comedy song "1968" for An American Carol, an upcoming film from writer/director David Zucker. Simpson also contributed additional background music.

ERIC WHEELIS’ Isle of the Sky and Once in a Lifetime on Charlotte, NC on WFAE radio’s program, Nightscapes.