The Compose Yourself Workshop with Ron Jones

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - Sunday, January 27, 2013

Studio City, CA

Vitello's Restaurant
4349 Tujunga Ave

Call to reserve a spot: (818) 769-0905

Cost is $50 - Notes and Information Included

9 AM - 4 PM both days (lunch included)

This workshop has been presented to composers all over with great success. The materials presented are about the vital, yet mostly misunderstood aspects like knowing the best ways to collaborate, build relationships, have a positive creative flow in your work and how to really create your best life while you are scoring and dealing with stress and challenges.

This workshop does not push one approach, but rather a full array of the cutting edge information that helps reveal some solutions and help people compose their business, their lives and to actually compose their whole life not just the music. This is version three of Compose Yourself and many new sections have been added.