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When American Idol ended its 15 year run last week, it was a bittersweet moment for the countless songwriters and producers who contributed to the Idol machine's success. ASCAP member Sam Hollander wrote songs with many of the show's finalists. Find out what it was like for him to go from American Idol junkie to songwriter.

Clichés are so ingrained in the way we express ourselves that we often don’t notice they’re there. But clichés are useful in songwriting, because they can convey ideas we all understand in very few words. How can you rescue clichés from the land of the dying metaphor? Songwriter and educator Keppie Coutts shares six useful strategies.

As a practical, craft-oriented composer or songwriter, there are many things you can do to make your writing process more fluid, more efficient and more cost effective. Read some sage advice about accessing your creative flow from ASCAP composer Jeremy Borum, author of the new book Guerrilla Film Scoring.

What better way to get in the Valentine's Day mood than turning down the lights and turning up some sweet-sounding love songs? Here's a playlist of 10 ASCAP "love" songs currently steaming up the Billboard Hot 100. From sexy and upbeat, to slow and romantic, this playlist has a little something for everyone.

As record sales continue to decline, touring is many artists’ primary way to make money. But funding and promoting live shows is an expensive endeavor, and the financial burden is falling on individual musicians. Luckily, there are a lot of new ways to trim costs and increase profit margins.

Carol is a film about intimacy, told intimately by director Todd Haynes. Its score, by ASCAP composer Carter Burwell, is an essential part of Carol’s elegant tapestry. Its cues are composed of small musical gestures, hinting at the passions under the surface. We spoke with Burwell about how he crafted his luminous score.

Your website needs to speak to many audiences - your fans of course, but also bloggers, bookers and other industry folks. To make it easy for everyone to find the information they need, the best thing to do is create a digital press kit. Here are 8 tips from our Member Benefits partner Bandzoogle about what to include.

If you’re an active musician, you’ve said it more than once: “I need an army of clones! One to hit the road, one to hit the studio, one to do press...” How can you possibly do it all? Here are some tips from guitarist and master multi-tasker Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.

How do you infuse your music with a sense of “place?” ASCAP songwriter Bill Gable offers practical advice on how lyrics, production and other musicians can help the geography around you inform the music you write.

Judy Stakee has decades of experience helping the world's finest music creators find their true creative voices. Read her sage advice on cowriting songs, taken from her new book The Songwriter's Survival Guide.

Your first headlining gig is a culmination of everything you've done, and an opportunity to do something new with your live show. But how do you prep for it? We asked ASCAP electro-pop band Scavenger Hunt, who are playing their first headlining gig next week in LA. AND: we're giving away two pairs of tix to the show!

Mixing engineers can make your song pop out of the speakers and sound clear and polished, perfectly complementing the recorded elements of your song. But what exactly is mixing, and what should you look for when choosing a mixing engineer? Here’s a primer that will get you on the right track in no time.