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12-22-2009 | Download the podcast >

Discover what the Village Voice called the "Best Literary-Musical" Crossover of 2009 - songwriters inspired by books. Download and listen to a special podcast featuring an ASCAP in-house recording session with members of the Bushwick Book Club, including Susan Hwang (pictured left), Dibson Hoffweiler, Corn Mo, Laura Brenneman (pictured right), Phoebe Kreutz and Duck and Swallow's Lillie Jayne, and also listen to selected tracks from the upcoming Bushwick Book Club CD release.

Etan and Brendan

11-04-2009 | Download the podcast >

Each year, the ASCAP Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop gathers together a select group of talented songwriters for eight sessions of education, inspiration and camaraderie. Participants gain new insights into the art of business of songwriting, and end up with a network of friends and collaborators. In this podcast, the 2007 class of the Lester Sill Workshop reflect on their experiences and give some sage advice to aspiring songwriters. Make sure to check out the companion podcast for a selection of their tantalizing tunes.

Your hosts for this podcast are ASCAP's Brendan Okrent and Etan Rosenbloom.


11-04-2009 | Download the podcast >

This companion podcast to the Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop Radio Hour features music from the Lester Sill class of 2007. Here's what you'll hear, in order:

Samantha Farrell - "She Will Rise"
Josh Schroeder - "Picasso"
Felice Keller - "My Own Way"
Andrea Stolpe - "Kaleidoscope"
Justin Froese - "Don't Say More"
Brienne Moore - "Distant Memory"
Andy Tubman - "Junkie"
Cathy Heller - "Say Hello to the Sun"

Danielle McKee - "This Is Me"
Lauren Pardini - "Out of My System"
Matt DiMarino - "Aging Wine"
Kori Withers - "My Beautiful L.A."
Jenni Alpert - "All We Need Is Love"
Mike London - "Waiting For You"


06-19-2009 | Download the podcast >

Featuring these artists:

• Ninth & Lincoln
• Phil Markowitz
• Eric Bolvin
• Katie Burduli
• Lenore Raphael
• Tom Gavornik
• Albert Rivera
• Kate Schutt
• Roland Vazquez

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August 2008 | Download the podcast >

Featuring these artists:

In the 1980s, the singer-songwriter known as Lach opened an after-hours club in New York's East Village called The Fort. There he became a pillar of the scene known as Anti-Folk, a sometimes-raw, experimental, willfully nonserious-but-fruitful musical movement that has given rise to many success stories over the years.

This podcast ("Lach's Fort-ified Radio Hour") showcases some rising stars of Anti-Folk, including Dan Fishback, Rav Shmuel, Jeffrey Lewis, Phoebe Kreutz, Peter Dizozza, and The Bowmans.

The Vettes

July 2008 | Download the podcast >

This month's Playback Podcast features tracks by:

• H2O
• Matthew Puckett

• Natalie Warner
• The Vettes

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03-16-2007 | Download the podcast >

Featuring these artists:

• Andy Davis
• Copper
• The Rewinds
• Novelift
• How I Became The Bomb

• Forget Cassettes
• Farkus
• Joshua Scott Jones
• Apollo Up
• Lennon

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