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Join more than 500,000 fellow songwriters, composers and publishers who have taken the pivotal step of becoming ASCAP members. Whether it's distributing performance royalties, protecting copyright or helping you develop your craft, everything we do supports your life in music.

Join ASCAP as both a writer AND a publisher to get all the income you deserve!
Unless you've assigned your publishing rights to someone else, you are your own publisher.
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What You'll Need to Apply
Your Social Security Number
(No SSN? We will also accept your foreign tax information)
Credit card (issued by a US bank) for payment of one time, $50 processing fee
What You'll Need to Apply
A name for your publishing company
Information about your company
(Social Security Number OR Taxpayer Identification Number & stakeholders)
Credit card (issued by a US bank) for payment of one time, $50 processing fee
  • "Everybody who writes should be involved with ASCAP. If you’re a songwriter, this is where you need to be."
    Dr. Dre, songwriter & performer
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  • "To have a force like ASCAP in Washington [D.C.] championing for us is the greatest thing in the world... I thank God that they're there."
    Ne-Yo, songwriter & performer
  • "I've always felt really well-taken care of like, human-to-human... I just feel like these are people who actually care about what happens to me."
    Sara Bareilles, songwriter & performer
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  • "There's no one else that's going to provide the service that ASCAP is providing with the care that ASCAP also provides."
    Priscilla Renea, songwriter & performer
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  • "They're an integral part of my team... and they're really good at collecting [royalties]."
    Katy Perry, songwriter & performer
  • "The fact that it's run by publishers and songwriters makes such a difference to me as opposed to our competitors who are run by independent companies."
    Brett James, Grammy-winning songwriter
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  • "To be part of an organization that represents the needs of songwriters throughout the world means a lot to me."
    Paul Epworth, Grammy-winning producer
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  • "I've always been with ASCAP. I love ASCAP."
    Dr. Luke, songwriter/producer & publisher
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  • "I appreciate ASCAP for not only collecting my royalties but taking care of it so I don't have to worry about it. I trust them... They give you the most you can get."
    Big Sean, songwriter & performer



Applying for a Successor or Posthumous Membership?

If you are applying for a successor membership or posthumous membership, you cannot apply online. Please contact ASCAP at 1-800-95-ASCAP for further information. We will be happy to assist you.