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The World Soundtrack Academy has nominated a who’s who of ASCAP film composers and songwriters for its 2015 World Soundtrack Awards. 11 out of 15 nominations went to ASCAP members, including two a piece to Hans Zimmer, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Patrick Doyle, and one for ASCAP President Paul Williams.

The 2015 class of our Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis came from as far away as China, Colombia and Germany to participate in this renowned program. Get to know this talented group of composers before they're household names!

The electric guitar is all over film and TV soundtracks these days. Because guitar is so wired into our cultural cerebral cortex, a single chord or riff is often all you need to establish a scene. Here are some ways to quickly produce authentic-sounding guitar tracks for picture in any size studio.

14 ASCAP composers and songwriters have clinched nominations for the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. Among our nominees are past Emmy victors Bear McCreary, Sean Callery, John Debney and Bruce Broughton, whose theme to Texas Rising (co-scored with Debney) gives him his 22nd career nomination.

ASCAP mourns the passing of Van Alexander, who died on July 19th at the age of 100. Alexander co-wrote and arranged Ella Fitzgerald’s 1938 hit “A-Tisket, A-Tasket,” went on to become a leading figure in big band jazz and, later, a top composer and arranger in the world of film and television music.

Getting your music into film and TV can be a golden ticket, but it can be tough to grab the attention of music supervisors. We asked our friends at the Guild of Music Supervisors for advice about getting your music into their worlds of film, TV, advertising, trailers and video games.

ASCAP mourns the loss of composer, orchestrator, conductor and ASCAP member James Horner. The Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe-winning composer was known for imbuing deep emotion into his scores for Titanic, Avatar, Glory, Braveheart, An American Tail and countless others.

Photek made his name in the British electronica scene of the '90s. His EDM work is full of dark, cinematic ambience - so it's no surprise he would end up scoring a show like How to Get Away with Murder. We spoke with Photek about his work on season 1, and what he hopes to get away with in the future.

The closing scene of Mad Men’s much-anticipated series finale featured the groundbreaking Coca-Cola ad, which made brilliant use of the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” We asked one of the song’s writers (and former ASCAP EVP of International) Roger Greenaway about its origin.

New York may not be the capital of film/TV music, but there's some amazing music coming out of NYC these days. What is it like to be a composer so far away from Hollywood? We spoke with Danny Bensi, Ian Hultquist and Simon Taufique - three ASCAP composers who’ve spent time living and working in the Big Apple.

ASCAP members upheld their dominance of daytime TV by winning four out of five music categories at this year's Daytime Creative Arts Emmys. Nine of our composers and songwriters wrote the songs and scores highlighted for their excellence at the 42nd annual ceremony, held on April 24th at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles.

Find out how the ASCAP Composer Spotlight is creating real opportunities for our members by connecting film, television and video game producers with some of the best and brightest emerging composers.

The NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in memory of Buddy Baker will immerse participants in both classical Hollywood film scoring and the techniques of the modern scoring world. Led by industry professionals, dedicated sessions will address the creative process, orchestrating, conducting, music editing and MIDI mockups.

Join host John Debney and step inside our Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis, a renowned incubator for emerging composers. 12 participants will get a month's worth of insider's perspective from film music experts, and record an original composition with a 60-piece orchestra. Serious about film composing? Then apply by April 1st!

The Lion King musical recently became the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time. Behind its success is the visionary director Julie Taymor. So much of her work for stage and screen has involved musical collaborations. We spoke with her about working with music creators to unite sound and vision into a compelling whole.

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