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The ASCAP Henry Mancini Award

Bruce Broughton

The ASCAP Henry Mancini Career Achievement Award in Film & Television Music is presented to BRUCE BROUGHTON in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the musi c of film and television

Tonight's ASCAP Henry Mancini Award recipient,
Bruce Broughton, is a veteran of both film and television music with 10 Emmy Awards and 20 nominations to his credit. He has the distinction of having had his very first feature film score, 1985's Silverado, receive an Oscar nomination. Broughton's versatility spans animated feature films and TV series, big screen science fiction and adventure, family fare, an orchestral score for a video game, and original concert music. In addition, he is a respected conductor and a lecturer in university film music programs.

Broughton is perhaps known best for Westerns - in addition to Silverado, he has also created scores for the motion picture, Tombstone; the TV film, O Pioneers; the series, How the West Was Won; and the two Homeward Bound films ("They're not really Westerns, but they take place in the open country of the West.") Is there a special affinity he feels for the genre? "I was born in Los Angeles, began school in San Francisco, moved to Washington State, back to San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix and graduated high school in Honolulu," says Broughton. "I think of myself as being from the West. I identify with the drama, with the energy, with the space."

Broughton's musical background is atypical of the Hollywood world. He grew up in a Salvation Army family that was immersed in music. Broughton explains how that exposure had a major impact on his professional career: "In that organization, the music was used as a tool towards getting the message across, so it was very specific. It had its roots in hymns, English folk music and English music hall - it had a lot of stuff that was aimed directly at people for easy access, very straightforward and very purposeful; which, in a way, is a great way for a film composer to begin. All film music is written for a purpose."

Broughton's emergence as a composer of note was not as overnight as his Oscar nomination. He worked at CBS television for about a decade in a noncomposer position, trying to contribute to TV scores on his own time. "I started doing full episodes of Gunsmoke and Hawaii Five-0, and when I left CBS, I had had enough things on the air for people to recognize who I was for my music, and I became a TV writer. I started working on Quincy, and later on Dallas and How the West Was Won."

Asked whether some of his achievements have resulted in him being "typecast" as a composer, Broughton admits, "I'm thought of as the big orchestra guy, and I think Silverado probably did that - the action films with the big sweeping score that is really melodramatic and really kind of over the top. I don't mind. But I also enjoy doing cartoons. When I did Tiny Toons, that was really a lot of fun, because it was a completely different style and you get to be really silly. One of the things I get the biggest kick out of is the Tiny Toons theme song."

Broughton is also getting a kick out of receiving an award from ASCAP in Henry Mancini's name. "Besides the fact that he was a terrific composer, and he was very successful and all that, I found him to be a generous guy," says Broughton of Mancini. "He was willing to give a lot of his time to composers; he gave a lot of his time to the old Composers Guild. He was a really good film composer and a really good songwriter, and not everyone gets the chance to do both of those things so well. There's really no downside when you think of Henry Mancini."


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