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Nimbit Plus, ASCAP Edition

Nimbit provides the easiest solution to sell and promote your music, merchandise, and tickets on Facebook, Twitter, and more, while simultaneously helping you build a supportive fanbase.

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Here are just a few ways Nimbit can help you succeed:

  • Direct-to-Fan Storefronts: The absolute best way to sell digital music, CDs, merch, and tickets on Facebook, your website, and

  • Promo Tools: use interactive, shareable promotions for Facebook, Twitter, and email that feature video, audio players, personal messages to fans, and links to free downloads to drive fans to your store.

  • Artist Support: with every purchase or free download, fans can leave tips to provide additional support. 1-in-20 purchases on the Nimbit platform includes a tip averaging $7.80.

  • Fan Engagement: Fans can easily share your music on Facebook & Twitter, comments spread to all your stores (and the Facebook wall), reward fans with free tracks and promo codes

  • Know your Fans: understand where fans came from and what they've done, reward fans based on purchases, group and message fans based on location (perfect for touring), more.

  • Backend Warehousing & Fulfillment: No-nonsense services for credit card processing, warehousing, and fulfillment of orders for physical and digital merchandise.

  • Free Placement on iTunes & Spotify: you should always sell direct first, but you still want your music available on iTunes & Spotify so new fans can find you. With Nimbit Plus we'll place your music there for no additional cost.

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Airplay Direct

Airplay Direct

Go from the mastering studio to radio in hours!

AirPlay Direct Gives ASCAP members 50% off the PRO Artist Package (normally $50 per year)

AirPlay Direct is a global digital music delivery system servicing radio and the entertainment industry with broadcast-quality content from some of the biggest names in music, alongside rising independent artists.

AirPlay Direct currently has over 30,000 artist / label members and over 7,000 radio station members in 112 countries. AirPlay Direct's global radio station reach is unmatched in the industry. AirPlay Direct's "Global Radio Indicator Charts" highlight what radio industry tastemakers around the world are playing.

AirPlay Direct's web-based distribution, marketing and promotion, platform allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and digital press kits / DPKs to industry professionals worldwide. AirPlay Direct's system allows radio programmers to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and the related artist information. AirPlay Direct also publishes the monthly digital/interactive magazine, the Direct Buzz, which focuses on members of the AirPlay Direct ecosystem.

The PRO Artist Package from AirPlay Direct includes:

  • Full Featured AirPlay Direct Artist Site
  • Fifteen (15) broadcast-quality song slots / 1 release (Album)
  • Real-time download tracking and statistics
  • A digital press kit / DPK
  • 500 DPK deliveries/month

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Build a great website in minutes with

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As an artist, your website should be the hub of your online strategy.  Using Bandzoogle’s step-by-step system you'll have a great website in 5 minutes. No coding, no software to download. Choose from hundreds of layouts created by award winning designers, or create your own from scratch in just a few clicks.

All the tools you need are built-in:

  • Your own store to sell music and merch, commission free!
  • Powerful promotional tools, including targeted email and text message blasts.
  • Automatically posting to Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.
  • Detailed stats on your fans.
  • Your own .COM address, and email accounts
  • Live support by our musician-friendly team.

ASCAP members can try Bandzoogle for 6 months, completely free! After that, pricing starts at only $9.95/month. Best of all, there are no hidden charges, and we don't take a cut of your online sales. If you decide to sign up for an annual membership, you get 12 months for the price of 10 and ASCAP members get an additional 15% off!

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ASCAP members receive a FREE 1-year Pro MoB Membership with Broadjam - a $100 value!

Broadjam proudly hosts an online community of over 100,000 musicians and music fans from around the world. We provide a platform for artistic expression and the exchange of ideas and information. Artists on our site have made new friends and collaborated with peers by interacting through email, reviews and comments. Our members have made Broadjam the outstanding musician's resource and community it is today.

Musicians use Broadjam to:

  • Sell music downloads (Sell for $.99, Keep $.80!)
  • Submit music to film & TV supervisors - members average 2+ licensing successes per day
  • Build a fan base of Broadjam listeners
  • Enter contests to win prizes and exposure
  • Buy music software
  • Host your website with us
  • Get reviewed by the top pros in the business
  • Much more!

Pro MoB members receive discounted rates on licensing opportunities and some contest entries, expanded upload capacities, plus other valuable benefits.

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Below is a feed of current Licensing Opportunities that you can submit to via Broadjam. This is your chance to get your music placed and earn money from those placements. Click here to see some recent placement successes from ASCAP members!




Powering Valuable Fan Relationships

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FanBridge makes it really easy for musicians to manage their fan email list, mobile list, and social networks all from one place.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need FanBridge:

  1. Superior Client Service. From real, live people.
    Our platform is backed by people, not just computers. As our client, you get a personal account manager that's available to answer any questions and give advice. We also have a direct number to reach us, with no automated runaround.

  2. Our Only Priority is Making Your Fan List More Valuable.
    Some companies try to be everything to everyone. That's not us. Everything we build starts with us asking ourselves, "How does this help our clients get more fans, make their life easier, and get their fans more engaged?"

  3. We Get You More Fans. Even While You're Sleeping.
    Whether it's tools that help you collect new fan info (like signup forms for your website, Facebook, MySpace, etc.), or unique promotions we automate to get fans excited about joining your list (like exchanging songs for emails), our platform works day and night to make sure your list is always growing.

  4. You're an Artist. Not a Data Analyst.
    Think of us as your nerd best friend, crunching the numbers, tracking the data and sifting through info. We present valuable insights on your fans and campaigns, and suggest smart next-step actions.

  5. Communicate With Your Fans - All In One Place.
    Your fans are scattered across the globe, and their attention is scattered across the web. So we make it easy to find and communicate with them no matter where they are via email, social networks, and mobile phones.

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Click. Watch. Learn. Evolve. is an online education community training professional musicians on how to take their music-making to incredible new heights! Your ASCAP membership entitles you to 25% off our annual subscriptions, giving you access to over 900 hours of easily accessed Tutorial-Videos led by the best educators in the music industry!

Your annual subscription gives you:

  • unlimited access to our online Tutorial-Video library
  • 24/7 education with our streaming videos
  • constantly updated content
  • free apps for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and/or PC to stream our Tutorial-Videos
  • access to members-only forums where you can engage and share with other musicians
  • training from the brightest and most successful minds in the music industry

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Muzlink is an online music marketing and promotion service that helps music makers aggregate, promote and sell their music and gives music lovers an all access pass to see, hear and discover new music.

In the new reality of the music business, every music maker needs to market and promote their product and their skills. Muzlink is a collaboration of music makers - recording artists, songwriters, record companies, publishers, producers, engineers, musicians, singers, graphic artists, photographers, and more - Indie to Major label, debut to Grammy winner, back catalog to future release, creating the Global Music Village on the internet.

Get easy posting and updating of your page on Muzlink. It's FREE to all ASCAP members. Sign up at: - enter the ASCAP validation code, ASCAP2009, create a user name and password and be a part of the music evolution.




MyWerx and ASCAP have teamed up to provide the ASCAP members with 50 MB of FREE revolutionary Copyright Protection through its WerxProof service. In addition to this, ASCAP members also receive 50% off any MyWerx subscription of their choice! MyWerx simple copyright management platform provides songwriters with WerxPost, a free database for managing their life's work, and WerxConnect, a social network that connects Creators and their collaborators to their work. The WerxProof web and iPhone applications deliver the best possible proof that you are the creator of your works. The evidence includes geolocation (where you were when you created it), dates and time stamps, who you created it with, and multiple copies of the work are easily stored and shared as the work develops.

When you begin to create you don't know which works will commercially develop to the point where a Library of Congress registration is justified. WerxProof provides superior evidence at the moment of creation at a cost everyone can afford so every work benefits. Later, if you choose to file your copyright with the Library of Congress, your WerxProof date of creation evidence is already established, saving you money, time and peace of mind. It's simple and better business.

Why MyWerx? How does it relate to a registration with the Library of Congress?
The United States copyright law grants you copyright protection the moment you create your work, but you must be able to prove that your Work is original and was created first. With WerxProof you can to register your Works early in their development to establish a verifiable earliest possible date of creation. Works that become commercially distributed should ultimately be registered with the Library of Congress (LOC). LOC registration is required to file a lawsuit, to protect your self against a lawsuit, to receive financial awards from a lawsuit, and the deposit copy, which is supposed to be the "best published edition" supports claims of originality. However, the $40 filing fee with the LOC is too expensive for most creators to justify filing a registration on each Work. Collective Work registrations (combining many Works on a single registration) began to increase in an effort to reduce registration costs. Collective Work registrations result in delayed LOC filings of deposit copies and therefore delay substantiation of proof of creation. Professional publishers and record companies only file copyright registrations on a small percentage of the Works they own. Due to the cost, registrations with the Library of Congress are typically reserved for commercially released Works. WerxProof supports the best practice of LOC registrations by providing early low cost, and third party verification of proof of the date of creation, as well as Work development history to show how the Work developed overtime.




The entire music industry... at your fingertips

recordXpress is an innovative new way to access contact information for virtually anyone in the music industry. With recordXpress, you'll have information on nearly every A&R rep, Film/TV music professional, publisher and music attorney in the business. Got an internet connection? Then you've got the entire music industry at your fingertips!

Advanced filtering and exporting
Whether you're a budding songwriter or the CEO of a publishing house, recordXpress has exactly what you're looking for. recordXpress is infinitely customizable: you can browse for individual contacts through a gigantic list of contacts and companies, or easily apply search filters to generate your own custom list. Looking for all of the A&R reps in Chicago? How about a list of Music Libraries in New York that have been added in the last 30 days? No problem! Just a few clicks and your list is generated. You can export recordXpress data to your computer in Excel, Access, Outlook, and several other standard formats.

Updated daily
Simply no other list is as complete and up-to-date as recordXpress. The music industry is one of the most volatile in the world, and the dedicated music insiders at recordXpress are on top of every hiring, firing, address change and company startup. Right now the recordXpress database contains over 3,000 companies and 8,000 contacts. Nearly a quarter of it changes every month!

10% Discount for ASCAP members
now, recordXpress is extending a 10% discount to ASCAP members.

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