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EastWest Sound Libraries

EastWest is the #1 developer of VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS and SOUND LIBRARIES in the world. EastWest instruments are the most recognized and awarded in the entire universe of virtual instruments. EastWest instruments provide a sonically superior collection of top-quality instruments captured and programmed by award winning producers to facilitate the exacting needs of professional composers in all manner of multimedia from game development to feature film soundtrack composition.

EASTWEST and ASCAP have arranged a special discount for all ASCAP members. EastWest offers all ASCAP members an exclusive 10% discount for all orders placed at IMPORTANT: Use the promotional code SUCCESS at check out to reduce your price by 10%. Please hit the recalculate button afterwards and the discount will appear. This offer is valid for all products that are available at but this discount cannot be combined with any other promotional discount.


Jeff Rona's Liquid Cinema

Jeff Rona invites you to experience Liquid Cinema, a sound/loop library designed to inspire any creative project. Liquid Cinema is an extensive resource of contemporary cinematic aural elements that delivers pure, instant inspiration for film, television, commercials, trailers, games and all-around music production. These unique and imaginitive sounds are based on the sonic palette of film composer Jeff Rona.

Liquid Cinema is available in two formats: the Liquid Cinema Boxed Set includes the full collection in Rex2, Aiff, Acid WAV formats on 7 CD- ROMs and the Liquid Cinema Apple Loops Edition comes as a single DVD-ROM of the full collection in Apple Loops format only.

ASCAP members can purchase Liquid Cinema at the lowest price anywhere with a discount of 29% off the Boxed Set price ($249.00) and 21% off the Apple Loops price ($79.00). Please go to the following website for more information, including audio samples, content description, and purchasing info:

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MacWorld Expo 2003 gave this software its "BEST OF SHOW AWARD!"
Songwriters meet your new best friend....MasterWriter. A revolutionary new software application that includes a rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 entries, the only Alliterations Dictionary in existence, a Pop-Culture Dictionary with over 11,000 entries, a Phrases/Idioms Dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary and Roget's II Thesaurus, all in one easy-to-use program. Additionally, there is a stereo Hard Disk Recorder for recording your melodic ideas; SONGUARD, a Song Registration Service which allows you to easily register the date-of-creation online; and a library of over 250 tempo adjustable MIDI Drum Loops.

The retail price of this product is $199.00 but ASCAP members get it for $179.00 - that's $20.00 off of the retail price! Just go to the MasterWriter/ASCAP homepage at or call toll-free (866) 892-8844. When calling, make sure you mention that you are an ASCAP member and give them your ASCAP Member Number.




ASCAP Members receive a 20% Discount! A fully interactive music composition software program that reveals the techniques, tricks and musical secrets that working composers use every day. Learn how to compose music for film, television, video games or theater.

In addition to animated lessons, audio files, music scores and detailed analysis on how to create specific musical emotions, you get "behind-the-music" secrets not available in any other software program. Secret Composer also contains concise theory and orchestration lessons to get you composing quickly.

Most importantly, there is no new software to learn - Secret Composer runs in your web browser and works on a Mac or PC. ASCAP members receive a 20% discount - for a total price of $31.95 - when ordering at: Simply enter your ASCAP member number. For more information or to contact us, please visit