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How do you go viral with your music? It's a completely creative process that is different every time. But there are some core principles that can help indie musicians. Author, marketing guru and Independent Music Promotions CEO James Moore shares five of them.

Great dance music is about more than just a thumping beat and endless buildups. You've gotta master the SONG part of songwriting, and frame it with an arrangement that highlights its strengths. Nick Ditri of ASCAP EDM duo The Disco Fries offers some pointers on improving your EDM tracks.

A songwriter’s first public offering is an important one. It’s like a “getting to know you” conversation with a new acquaintance, defining everything you know about him…at least for the time being. That’s the case with “Sunrise,” the first song from San Francisco-based producer-musician Slaptop. We know next to nothing about this mysterious ASCAP member, but this carefree ode to good times tells us plenty.

In a career stretching over some 20 years, Chicago composer-musician Joshua Abrams has improvised with many towering figures in free jazz, and collaborated with a menagerie of respected artists from across the genre spectrum. More recently, Abrams has turned to film scoring. His third film Life Itself, out July 4th nationwide, documents the life of another one of Chicago's native sons, film critic Roger Ebert.

Like so many other hard-working songwriters, ASCAP member Shannon Hurley relies on the income she earns from her music to make a living. But Shannon's livelihood is at stake due to royalty rates that haven't kept up with the pace of innovation. Find out why she thinks it's so important that you support the Songwriter Equity Act now.

Blac Soap have been producing quite the eclectic range of music since their 2004 formation. With tracks that resonate with the urban romantic, the modern artist and even the social revolutionary, Blac Soap have created a vast score for listeners across the globe. We caught up with them to chat about their new project, Cycle 9.

Brothers Marc and Steffan Fantini are the longtime co-composers of Criminal Minds and much more. To celebrate the release of their new movie Moms' Night Out, we asked the Fantinis about how their own mother made a difference in their music careers.

ASCAP member Alan Wilkis explores some fascinating technological subject matter with his "paranoid electronic pop" project, Big Data. Find out why he's both awed and terrified by the internet and its effects on the creative community, and listen to a playlist of songs about the relationship between man and machine.

Undead girlfriends and possessed chickens run amok in A Haunted House 2, a hilarious new feature film starring Marlon Wayans. Find out how ASCAP composer Jesse Voccia balanced belly laughs and tortured screams with his score.

The animated feature Rio 2 puts music front and center. Brazilian music legend Sergio Mendes worked with director Carlos Saldanha and composer John Powell to weave the film's tapestry of vibrant rhythm, orchestral textures and infectious pop/hip-hop tunes. We asked him how he did it.

We lost a true pioneer of house music when ASCAP DJ, producer and songwriter Frankie Knuckles passed away this week. Read about his musical and cultural legacy in this moving remembrance by Tommie Sunshine, one of the countless electronic music creators that Knuckles inspired.

Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and ASCAP composer Joe Trapanese collaborated on the dreamy, quiet score for the bawdy French comedy You and the Night, directed by Anthony’s brother. We caught up with the two composers in Trapanese's studio and asked them how it compared to their epic collaboration on Oblivion.

Your album art is often the first visual exposure people have to your band, so it's important to make it count. Experienced graphic designer (and ASCAP member) Jeff Sheinkopf offers some practical advice on how you can put together an impressive album design on any budget.

Mr Little Jeans is the musical outfit of Norwegian-by-way-of-Los-Angeles ASCAP member Monica Birkenes. On her new album Pocketknife, out now on Harvest, Birkenes serves up 12 tracks of exuberant electro-pop, as multi-faceted as the tool that gave the album its name. We asked Birkenes to open up her Pocketknife for us.