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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eric Kaz is modest and unassuming but he has a formidable catalogue of songs written over the past four decades.

Clarinetist and saxophonist Anat Cohen brings her musical worlds together on her seventh album, Luminosa. The Israeli virtuoso instrumentalist and bandleader draws on her love of jazz, Brazilian classics and Choro, and electronica to create an album that is filled with warm, rich original compositions and inventive covers.

One of the most critical areas of any mix is in the low end - the frequency area around 200Hz and below. Managing those frequencies isn’t just important for your basses, low brass, kick drums, synths and other keyboards. “Hidden” low-frequency energy can play a role in your overall mix, too.

Find out how the ASCAP Composer Spotlight is creating real opportunities for our members by connecting film, television and video game producers with some of the best and brightest emerging composers.

Save 40% off the cover price! Award-winning music writer Bruce Pollock explores the growth and changes within ASCAP and its relationship to emerging technologies, in the context of 100 years of an ever-evolving music business.

You've captured the perfect take. But when it comes time to mix, you notice that something isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s some hiss, pickup hum, or a ’plosion on the vocal track. When timeline editing or EQ don’t work, call the plug-in equivalent of sonic mechanics: audio repair software. Here's how.

The 30th Annual Stellar Awards were held March 28th, 2015 at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and ASCAP members came home with great triumphs. Congratulations to all our talented ASCAP members who won Stellar Awards this year!

All of the top thinkers in the digital marketing space believe in the value of killer, owned content to market your music. But what are you supposed to say, and when is the best time to say it? Here are nine steps from CyberPR's Ariel Hyatt to help you create consistent content to market your music in 2015 and beyond.

Gather your receipts and fire up Quickbooks - it’s tax season! Whether you’re getting a refund from Uncle Sam or you’re helping him buy a new top hat this year, songwriters and composers have some unique filing opportunities that you might not know about. We asked a couple of tax experts for tips for music creators.

Meredith Monk has been a composer, singer, choreographer and creator of new operas, musical theatre works and more for over 50 years. As she celebrates that milestone, she has released Piano Songs, a collection of 12 instrumentals for two pianos, magnificently performed by Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens.

Hamilton is composer, rapper, lyricist and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary new musical headed for Broadway. At the 2012 EXPO, he talked about his creative process and gave attendees a glimpse into his new work.

ASCAP was in full force throughout the 2015 South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival, sharing our music at must-attend showcases and our important messages on panels in the Austin Convention Center. Check out our wrap-up.

ASCAP honored the songwriters and publishers of Christian music’s most performed songs of the past year at the 37th annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards, held on Monday, March 23rd at the historic Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee.

With a diverse lineup of fresh, young R&B and hip-hop talent and a packed house the entire night, ASCAP Rhythm & Soul team’s opening-night showcase felt like the best backyard party you’ve ever been to. It was a perfect way to kick off SXSW.

ASCAP’s annual SXSW show at the Red-Eyed Fly delivered thrills and chills with knock-out performances from BEGINNERS, Alex Winston, Wildling, The Karma Killers, Machineheart, Talk in Tongues and Plain White T’s.

ASCAP will host several exciting events, including three diverse “ASCAP Presents…at SXSW” showcases, at this year’s SXSW Music and Media Conference in Austin, TX.